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and when the game appears for pc, I don't force thee to do it now ?

i'm sorry, i can't understand anything in the screenshot you shared :0 but i will do my best to explain below ^_^ i hope it helps

this should be what you see when you open the page 

to play the game, click on the "Run game" button

to download the on-sale promotion art, click on the "Download Now" button 

you don't, know how to make games under windows and mac ?

and when the game will be, the developer ?

i'm sorry, i'm afraid i don't understand? you can always play the game for free here, it's just the promo art that's on sale ^_^

I thought you were doing a sale for a not just like that, I thought i'll taking take the game to my account will play to offline


This was an amazing journey. I enjoyed all of it! Super cute. Super quirky! I loved it! :3 

aaaaaaa thank you!! :D 


First I'd love to say thank you to User Still Loading because without them I probably wouldn't have experienced the last part of the game. This truly is a simple but fun little game, it was very entertaining to read the dramatic-ness of the Boss regarding coffee as well as just reading and exploring this wacky little world. So cute!

oh gosh, thank you so much!! i must say, i always love reading your comments and reviews, they always brighten my day ^u^ <3


Excuse me I must be the one thankful, literally to the game, to you commenting, as well as the fact you read my comments and reviews-- I am flustered!!! Can't wait to play your other and future games!! Hopefully this inspires/motivates you :DDD

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Ending 2 hints!

Look for the block that doesn't fit in on the True Coffee screen. :p

i hate lag in the locked door

i'm sorry, there's not really anything i can do about that :( i hope you enjoyed the rest of the game tho!


Sooo much tea, tears, and COFFEE


omg I loved this game, and you did such a great job with the music too! :D

thank you so much!! <3 i didn't write the music, it's from a minigame in freddy fazbear's pizza simulator ^^


I like the art style and simple mechanics!

thank you so much!! <3


cute how do i go to that green room in the last screenshot?


there's a different wall that you can go through in the True Coffee room ^^